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Fun of all sorts in 2019 


In 2019 Gabriel turned 6 years old. This meant that he was finally old enough to get a Karting Australia licence. With this came the privilege of getting to practice on KA tracks, starting with Ipswich Kart Club and later that year, Warwick Kart Club. Although, it would be another whole year until Gabriel could actually race under KA. However, Gabriel did get to meet Dave Sera for the first time that year and go to the Melbourne F1, so it was a pretty awesome year!

Gabby F1.jpg
Gabriel with Dave Sera 2019.JPG
Gabby F1 on the Grid.jpg
Gabriel with Ricciardo 1.jpg
Gabriel in the Objective pits.jpg
Gabriel and Amir with Cyril
2019 A.jpg
Gabriel in his new Kosmic Kart 2019.jpg
Gabriel with Alan Prost 1.jpg
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