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Fuelling the Dream

November 27, 2022

Last weekend Gabriel had the privilege of getting into a sedan race car alongside legend racer, Vikki Paxton, at Morgan Park Raceway. 

Paxton invited Gabriel to be 'co-diver' for a day at the family and friends' fun run where he got to see first-hand how a real racer handles a car around a track. Gabriel also spent time speaking with Vikki's mentor about all things racing.  

Reflecting on the weekend, Paxton commented that, "[Gabriel] listened intently, understood and absorbed everything we spoke about... [He's] a champion of the future."


Gabriel's dream of being a professional racer was fuelled up from the experience. He says that he learned a lot on the day, both on and off the track. Gabriel reports, "I had an awesome time and I can't wait until I have a race car of my own".   

As a two-time open wheeler National Champion and multiple lap-time record holder, Paxton knows a thing or two about cars. At her Yatala based business, Aussie Auto Spare Parts, Paxton shares her passion for cars with others by providing great advice and excellent quality auto parts for motorsport enthusiasts, racers and local mechanics. "We love racers and are always happy to help out when they come into the store," Paxton said.  

Although Gabriel has quite a few more years in karts before he's old enough to race cars, he is determined to achieve his goals, moving towards a career in motorsport one race at a time.

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