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December 2021

As the 2021 season comes to a close, Gabriel speaks with Erin Buchan from Channel 9 about his achievements and his driving aspirations. 

2021 saw Gabriel finish on the podium in over 80% of his races. He won two club championships and placed second in the other two contested. 

Gabriel has his sights set on some State and National podiums in the future.

6th April 2017

Gabriel's driving talents have once again gained the attention of the media, with Channel 9 featuring him on the afternoon news.  

As Petrina Zaphir reports, Gabriel is one of Australia's youngest (and perhaps the fastest 4 year old) kart driver.


Gabriel certainly has turned a lot of heads this time, with over 100k views on the Channel 9 Gold Coast Facebook page in the first 12 hours of airing, and the views are still climbing! 

Gabriel's progress in karting has been nothing short of amazing. Considering he is only just a little over 4 years old, Gabriel takes the corners with incredible speed and accuracy. He is able to follow complex driving instructions and although his consistency is still improving, he regularly  smashes out personal best lap times. 

As reported, safety is of paramount importance. Gabriel wears a professional quality helmet, full chest and rib armour, full race suit, gloves, neck brace and ankle high shoes. The track he drives on has excellent safety features and his kart is well maintained. On top of this, Gabriel is a sensible driver who demonstrates excellent kart control.


Over the past few months, Gabriel has been getting used to driving a Praga cadet kart fitted with a 60cc Vortex Mini Rok. The kart has been specially modified to fit Gabriel so that he is comfortable and safe.

For detailed progress information see the videos and stats pages.

17th December 2016

A great article in the Gold Coast Bulletin about Gabriel's love of driving. Gabriel had a fantastic time meeting photographer, Scott Fletcher, and showing off his driving ability. What a fun day on the track!

Gabriel Elkayam fastest young kid kart driver Australia
Gabriel Elkayam fastest young kart driver media

Is he the fastest child kart driver his age?


Gabriel has made such amazing progress over the few short months he has been driving a kart. At the start of December 2016 he began driving the full 1600m track at Xtreme Karting and in only a few sessions he managed get his lap times down to 1:43.52. We're pretty sure this would be the fastest lap for an under 4 year old!  

28th October 2016

When Gabriel's driving talents were featured on the Channel 7 Sunrise program he was only 3 years and 9 months old.


At this point, Gabriel had been driving his 80cc Comer cadet kart for about 3 months, but was already showing great potential. Gabriel continues to improve his technique, speed and skill every week.

For detailed progress information see the videos and stats pages.

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